Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Been months since i last checked in here.

 Update since previous post :
JAN 2013 - Packed up and transferred back KCH and prepared for new start in BTU H.
FEB 2013 - started working in BTU H. MEDC DPT. with H. OT
MAC 2013 - started OnC. x6-7/month
APRIL 2013 - B'day Month of the Year. NTH change except the Age
MAY 2013 - started more OT outside the H. and decided to retire on H. OT
JUNE 2013 - Loved ones came to visit, had daily lunch box and dinner prepared .
JULY 2013 - Came  > and  > colleagues from West. So Less OnC. APPLD for M.Pro. and decided for ExT. EX.
AUG 2013 - Tried to study AMAP
SEPT 2013 - Went for the ExT. EX. and BFF transferred from UK, working together
OCT 2013 - MooDy OCT with 2 Bad News. Started to go to church with BFF and realized how long has I been away from the Mighty One.

*** NOV 2013 - Planning to give a life on this BLOG. Will try hard this time .

Bro will be away for his business trip for few days. Will be left alone for few days.

Planned to study daily but today doesn't feel like it, so , cheat day for 1.

 Started to pay off the house bill today since i'm not paying house rental.

It's 11.40 pm and time to sleep . Tomorrow will be another new day!

Nitez World.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

5-2013-1-4 .....

Date: 4/1/2013 , Time:1.20pm (awaiting for 3 pm shift)
Evening- .........

Phew~  Sick season is here now!! The ER was flooded with patients for past few day!! And most of them are paeds! So now, the paeds ward is overflowing now.......Admissions are always more than discharges..... Stayed in ER till 1am for past 2 days!! Tiring! OH ya..time to take my Brands essence of chicken, have to finish it before i go back home... Yesterday came in a gasping 63 year old lady with end stage renal failure...tubed and did whatever it needed to do, then sent up to ICU...on the way to ICU, the MA accidentally pushed the patient's trolley and rolled over my left foot!!! Damn!!! So painful!!! anyway, now, it's getting better.... My foot!!! Left green already with swelling.....thank goodness i was wearing my shoes...... Had settled my tmnet and electric bill today...left only water bill cause need someone to drive me to the waterboard office to settle my 4 months water bill..hehehe.... Heard the MO who's supposed to come to UK on 14/1/13 had appealed, hmm..and also if his appeal success, i might need to retain to avoid the shortage of MO!! Sigh.......Anyway, really hope that wont happen, and i could leave here on the planned date... Got to prepare for work already....hope it wont be as eventful as yesterday..... Logged out- 1.55pm

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